Friday, July 17, 2009

Orange-barred Sulphur caterpillar

orange barred sulphur caterpillar larvae worm green on cassia senna plant"After visiting your farm last summer, we came home and planted a cassia tree in our back yard. About 2 weeks ago we noticed some very small catapillars, green, long and slim. We brought them in and now two weeks later they are over two inches long. They have been feeding on cassia leaves all this time. Using the internet and books we have identified them as the larva of the Orange-barred sulphur.
Do you agree??"

Absolutely! It makes a huge yellow butterfly with orange spots on the topside of its wings.

Also using cassia plants are Cloudless Sulphur and Sleepy Orange caterpillars.

orange barred sulphur large yellow butterfly

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