Friday, July 17, 2009

Luna Moth

adult luna moth green moth with tails and eyes on its wings on the lunesta commercial"I am from Minnesota and look what showed up at one of our bonfires a few weeks ago. I did a search for green moth with eyes on wings and I got you. How about that, I love the web! Can you tell me some things about this moth. I would like to share it with all the people that saw it that night."

It is a Luna moth and a beauty, isn’t it?

It never eats as an adult – it has NO mouth parts. It hatches and eats one of several plants. I use Sweet Gum to feed the caterpillars. They can’t hurt you. They make a cocoon and pupate into a pupa inside the cocoon. They then emerge as adults with no mouthparts, pair and then die in about one week.

They are one of the most recognized moths – used in the Lunesta commercials.

Although silk moth cocoons are used to make silk thread, Luna moth cocoon silk is too fine for use for that purpose.

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